We at Balanced Bodies; take you through a collective journey of Yoga, that may be rare to find in other places. We know and believe there are many different institutes of yoga and the practice of asanas, but, factors such as sex, health, previous ailments, age, physical condition, etc. determine the type of yoga and asanas to be carried out, the recommended practice should be different from individual to individual. The asanas should be modified to serve the highest good of the person rather than the person having to adopt to fit into the practice of the asanas. At BalancedBodies emphasis is given on Body & Mind wholistically & holistically. The therapies are carried out under expert supervision who has required experience, expertise and qualification. Pranayama (breathing technique), Savasan (relaxation), Dhyana (meditation) and Chanting are the core parts of us.

Born with the social responsibility as a binding, Balanced Bodies, since its inception pledges to focus on well being of the most intelligent species – HUMAN BEING.

We believe in “Pollution Free Mind” makes life healthier and longer.


At Balanced Bodies, we strive to develop a strong desire of Yoga that will correlate the minds of people, emphasize and facilitate their life to have healthier future. We collaborate ourselves with our patrons through professional solutions yet divine therapy.


To create happiness environment with truth, learning, sense of accomplishment and constant efforts by spiritual fulfillment and peace of mind.



Bhakti Lagad

Bhakti is Director co-founder and Head Yoga Therapist at Balanced Bodies. She is post graduate in Yoga from one of the pioneer institute in India – Kaivalyadham, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India. She started her journey in the field of teaching – preaching – nurturing yoga since year 2004. She started her career in preaching yoga by conducting yoga classes on honorary basis to Ahmednagar District Police Force. She also had an opportunity to teach Yoga & Pranayama for Army Officers & their families of MIRC, Ahmednagar. She has been associated with different hospitals in Bangalore, Pune & Ahmednagar. Bhakti’s core competencies include Stress management, Weight Management, Cardio Vascular Issues, Urogenital Disorders, Yogic Pranayama.


Pankaj Lagad

Pankaj is Director co-founder and Head Resource Development at Balanced Bodies. He has done Certificate Course in Yoga Training from Pune, India. Pankaj started his journey in yoga since year 2009. Apart from conducting Corporate Yoga Trainings at different organizations; he also trains the new trainers. Post Graduate in Business Administration; his core competency is Sales & Promotions of Yoga into Corporate World.



With the experience of 4 years in teaching and preaching yoga; Nutan heads the BalancedBodies Yoga Studio, Pimple Saudagar, Pune. Extremely shy in personal life but when it comes to Yoga, she is a trainer to go at. Expert in weight management and general yoga, she has created a name for herself.



Dr Sheetal Sethi

Dr. Sheetal is Head Ayurvedic & Panchakarma cell. The doctor is an Ayurvedic consultant and Panchakarma expert practicing since 10 years. She has completed her B.A.M.S ; D.P.C ; D. Acupuncture with Pune University. She has an extra hand with Reiki And Bach flower therapy. The doctor is working on inferlity in both male as well as female with very good result since 8 years.


Dr. VINITA SAKAT (M.D- Homoeopath)

Dr. Vinita has been practicing Homeopath with 9 years of experience. She heads the Homeopath Cell. Her statement “experience the art of homeopathy in its true sense and get the relief from your worries”. Dr. Vinita is an experienced Yoga Therapist and also looks after BalancedBodies Yoga Studio, Kharadi, Pune.



Dr Anurita is a veteran of 13 years of practicing Ayurveda with an approach of Indian Holistic and International Advanced Technology. She is a backbone for medicine cell at BalancedBodies. Her expertise lies in Nadivaidya, Panchakarma therapist, & Mind- Healer Ayurvedacharya. Dr Anurita has a self- developed Ayurvedic formulations for research oriented practice on dreadful & chronic health issues like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart problem, Kidney problems, Infertility & Gynecological problems.

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